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Popplio sprite by Profkrd Brionne sprite by Profkrd

Sprites by :iconprofkrd:

I'm a college student working on my art degree. uwu

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EDIT 2: The issue with Mikey has been resolved, but I'm keeping this journal saved in case he starts stealing or harassing again.

: I checked his YouTube awhile ago and all his videos have been removed, but the proof of his harassment is still on his DA page. And he still needs to apologize to :iconitsaaudra: and everyone else he's stolen from and harassed.


Hi guys.

I know I've been dead on here for like a year, but there's something I need to bring to your attention.
My friend :iconitsaaudra: posted a journal earlier today about a DA user/art thief/harasser called MikeyArtPage (or MikeyDooX on YouTube).

The journal can be found here: He's Back Again and Harrassing my FriendHe even made a video, using my FUCKING FACE in a thumbnail without permission AND my video:
I literally can't take much more of this. 
Now he is harassing my friend DoReEgon by posting screenshots (if you can even call them that) of their journals and doing the same thing I apparently did to him. "Twisting their words." Making them seem like a bad person JUST FOR SUPPORTING ME AND CALLING HIM OUT FOR BEING AN ART THIEF. 

He's still claiming fan art isn't art HOLY SHIT Mikey 
Do you guys remember this guy? The guy who sent me death threats, has stolen art, has bullied me and harassed me, saying that fanart isn't real art?
Well, he's back again and is now claiming to report me for bullying/harassment. He is also claiming that I'm twisting his words around (despite the fact that everything he has ever said is laid out in screenshots)

I HIGHLY suggest reading it IN FULL.

Here are some highlights as to what's going on and where I stand on each of them.

1. Mikey is stealing :iconitsaaudra:'s art (and others) and using it in crappy tributes on his YouTube channel, AND he admits in a screenshot in the journal THAT HE IS PROFITING OFF OF THESE VIDEOS. Clearly this is messed up and stupid because these videos give none of the artists the credit they deserve. Also, he did not ask for permission to use said art, and these videos do not fall under YouTube's "fair use" due to the fact that Mikey provides no commentary or parody in these videos, just music. It isn't transformative at all.

2. Mikey says fan art isn't "real art". Okay then Mikey. Then I guess The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci isn't "real art" because it's commissioned fan art of the Bible.
You see my point?
You see how silly that makes you sound Mikey?

Also, I would like to point out an amazing comment on this "deviation" of his: <da:thumb id="625781008"/>

DoReEgon : Because... it fucking is.
But you know what? Let me explain something to you.

Perception and opinion.
In your opinion and perception, fanart isn't art.

In MY and pretty much EVERYONE ELSE'S fucking opinion and perception it is.

In the real world, if you can't accept other people's perceptions and opinions, you are not going to make it. And considering the fact that you draw fanart too, you're pretty much an enormous hypocrite.

And let's go even deeper. You say that fanart is held copyright to someone like R.L. Stine, correct?
Well, going by that logic, that means you are stealing from R.L. Stine himself or any other copyright holder of fanart by using their work. You can whine about fair use, but all I see in your videos are just slideshows of stolen work. You are a hypocrite.

3. Mikey has been harassing one of :iconitsaaudra:'s friends, :icondoreegon:. How? Ahem, to quote :iconitsaaudra:,

"By posting screenshots (if you can even call them that) of their journals and doing the same thing I apparently did to him. "Twisting their words." Making them seem like a bad person JUST FOR SUPPORTING ME AND CALLING HIM OUT FOR BEING AN ART THIEF".

(One of these screenshots is above in #2.)

It's funny, because in the descriptions of these "screenshots" he took, all he puts is links to random videos other YouTubers made. I guess he thinks it'll "explain everything he wants to say" but to be honest, it's just lazy. Plus, it just raises more questions for people when you do this. Why not just use your own words?

Anyway, guys I encourage you to READ :iconitsaaudra:'s journal to learn more about what's been going on with Mikey and SHARE it with your watchers. On top of that, why not watch :iconitsaaudra: if you want to keep up to date with this situation (and maybe even fav some of her art while you're at it cause damn she puts a lot of time and effort into every piece).

AND try to get Mikey's YouTube videos taken down.
You could even talk some sense into him if you want.

Not HARASS him, TALK to him.

Thank you :heart:
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